Indonesia has, for a long time now, been praised as the best place to go diving. And it’s true.

The country has impressive water features that make the dives well worth it. Komodo Island in Indonesia is one of the many Islands, in this archipelago country, that promises you the adventure of a lifetime when you dive there.

With millions of tourists visiting this small Island each year, it’s safe to say the Island is an excellent vacation destination.

Nonetheless, before setting out to go diving in Komodo, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Here are four of them.

1. Know your package before spending

One of the biggest mistakes tourists make in Komodo is paying for their trips without looking at their package. This becomes a problem once they’re at Komodo National Park, and they’re informed that their packaging doesn’t include diving activities.

Diving in Komodo

There are essentially three basic packages offered by most tour operators in the area. There’s the non-diving boat trip, the diving trip, and one package that provides both.

Therefore, depending on your preferences, choose the package that suits you best.

If you want to spend most of your time diving, then go for the exclusive diving package. Otherwise, you can choose the non-diving or the hybrid of the two.

2. Diving rules exist

It’s not enough that you’ve paid for diving packages; you need to be sure that you meet all the requirements requested.

In Komodo, most of the diving spots are a bit deep, and the presence of strong currents makes it even more dangerous. As such, it’s not the best for beginners.

In fact, you might need to have a diving certificate or some experience for you to participate in most of the diving activities.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been trained in diving, there are tons of diving schools in Labuan Bajo, that can teach you.

It’s, however, worth noting that even with a license, you might not be qualified to dive in certain diving spots. Therefore, be sure to check the requirements before going diving in Komodo.

3. Seasons matter

The best part about diving in Komodo is the spectacular underwater scenery and the amazing variety of fish available.

Without these creatures, the diving becomes boring and dull.

That’s why you need to visit Komodo in the right season. Komodo experiences four seasons; April –    June, July – August, September – November, and December – March.

For you to enjoy your diving, you need to visit the Island during the September – November season. It’s the driest season, and there’s still plenty of animals in the water.

April – August is still a good time to dive, but it’s the busiest period of the year. So, unless you don’t mind the congestion with other tourists, you should avoid it.

December – March is the worst period to go diving in Komodo, especially February.

During this time, the full moon and new moon are usually out, currents are strong, and most cruise tour operators are closed!

4. Carry your equipment

You probably want to capture your moments underwater to share with your friends and family. So, you better carry an underwater camera, watch, and other equipment you may need.

For the diving equipment, you’ll probably have to hire some from your operator. So, find an operator with excellent reviews to hire the equipment.

Furthermore, before diving, always inspect the gear to ensure that you don’t use any faulty device. If the equipment looks a bit old, or faulty, always demand a better one.

Remember, your safety is the first priority.

Final thoughts

When planning to go diving in Komodo, there’s so much you might overlook, maybe due to the excitement and anticipation.

However, you need to be careful not to forget the tips above. Always be precise with the packages you choose, get a diving license, book your trip on a good season, and always carry your personal equipment.

With that in mind, you just might be ready to start your adventurous diving in Komodo Island.