If you want to enjoy your time in central Bangkok, you should make sure that your accommodation is designed for travelers with luxury in mind. That way, you can enjoy all the attractions and sights without worry. When you choose a luxury accommodation, you can make the most of your travel time in central Bangkok as you can get to where you are going conveniently and quickly.

You Won’t Need a Car If You Stay in Central Bangkok

You won’t need a car if you stay at the right luxury hotel in central Bangkok. You can easily take public transport and walk. This type of amenity is great for anyone who wants to see all that the city offers in terms of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

One of the great places to visit in central Bangkok is the Grand Palace. If you only plan to see one historical attraction, you should plan to visit this site. You will not find this type of structure anyplace else in the world — only in central Bangkok.

This grand compound was built in 1732 and served as the royal residence for hundreds of years. It was used for major ceremonies and to welcome heads of state. When you visit the palace, remember to dress modestly by covering your arms and legs. Show respect by wearing refined clothing and not sloppy clothes.

Add a WatPhraKaew Tour

You can spend a half-day at the activity if you also add a WatPhraKaew temple tour. You can take a tour where you are picked up from your luxury hotel in either the morning or afternoon. Make sure that you choose a tour that is hosted by a tour guide. Otherwise, you may not get all you need to know from visiting the sites. Plus, a guide can point out important features that you might miss if you visit these places on your own.

The Oldest Buddhist Temple in the City

If you walk south of the Grand Palace, you will find Wat Pho, another place of note. If you are up for the walk, this is another attraction that is a must-see. This temple, which was built by King Rama I, is known as the oldest in the city. The place is considered a venue of healing. In fact, you can get a massage at the medical school found on the premises.

Check Out the Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho is well known for its large reclining Buddha. You cannot view the statue all at once because it is so big. Look at the soles of the Buddha’s feet. They display inlaid stones that add to the Buddha’s magnificent appearance.

Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet

Another temple of note in central Bangkok is WatSuthat, which was constructed by three different Thai kings. Rama I, Rama II, and Rama III all contributed their input to the building of the structure. When you visit the temple, take a look at the wall paintings. This temple is not as well known as other temples so you can enjoy some peace and quiet here.