If you are meeting for the first time over dinner, there is a pressure to make a better first impression. So, aside from choosing the right restaurant tst, you should also refresh your dining etiquette.

While you are not completely blinded with basic dining etiquettes like not speaking when the mouth is full or covering the mouth when coughing, it is crucial that you delve deeper to the nuances of dining at fancy restaurants.

In the end, this will benefit you. To get started, here are the best practices when eating at a fancy restaurant wan chai:

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Always dress nicely

If it is your first time meeting, you should at least wear a jacket to dinner. If it is a business meeting, a suit can make all the difference. For a more formal vibe, you should also put a tie. For women, a suit or dress with shoes will suffice.

Avoid putting belongings on the table

Whether it is your phone, keys or purse, avoid putting it on the table. It is important that you clear the table for the food and drinks so the waiters can easily serve them and arrange them accordingly.

Refrain from using your phone

You should put your phone inside your purse and try not to check it once in a while. If you continuously use the phone, it will give an impression to the other party that you are bored or not interested.

If you can help it, send a reply message or email after dinner. If the call is urgent, the courteous thing to do is to excuse yourself before taking out the phone. While you are at it, you should also avoid taking pictures of the food.

Learn where to put your napkin

There are many who are confused about the placement of napkins. You can put the napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down. If you want to use the restroom, the napkin should be put on the chair. If you are done with your meal, you need to put it on the left side of where your plate would have been. It is okay not to fold it but put it neatly.

Refrain from reaching across the table to try your companion’s food

In a fast food restaurant or casual restaurant, it may be okay to reach from across the table to try your companion’s food but it is a big no in a fancy restaurant. The best thing to do is to pass your bread plate with a little sample of your food. This is both courteous and thoughtful.

Avoid calling out to your waiter

It can be frustrating when you need something but the waiter is not paying attention. It is tempting to yell or call out their attention but you should avoid it. Instead, you should try to make eye contact. If this does not work, you can now put up your right hand with your index finger raised slightly in the waiter’s direction.

Send back the food if it is not properly cooked

It is basic etiquette to wait for everyone to be served before you start eating. However, if you notice the food is not properly cooked, you should send it back. It is then your responsibility to tell the remaining party to resume eating.