Do not want to pay extra for air travel? The simplest way out is to take a road trip, but many of us have no time or are lazy to do that. Our busy schedules refrain us from doing so. You too can fly every time you decide to travel. Wondering, how? Worry not, we are here to help you save your money and fetch the right flight.

  1. Do private browsing

You will notice this yourself. When you continuously search for a particular location, you will find the fares has been increased after next few searches. This happens because cookies on browsers are being sent to the site, this happens when a repetitive search is being done. The sites do this with the aim of scaring you into booking the flight quickly before prices are even hiked. So to avoid being getting trapped on the site, ensure that you opt to search in either private browsing mode or in incognito mode.

  1. Look for morning deals

It is observed by many of the travellers that travel during the night only a few airlines reduce their fares. So it advisable for the deals in the early in the morning. You’ll find amazing fares available in the morning. There are also sites which offer fair deals all day long. If you’re lucky enough you could chase one of them.

  1. Look for the cheapest day

According to the study conducted by many researchers, it has been observed that Wednesday is the cheapest day to book for domestic flights. Usually, on Wednesday’s airlines require to fill their flights, and more seats are discounted. That is why they have to release more seats at their lowest prices. Along with Wednesdays, some research also says that Tuesdays and Saturdays are also low-cost days. And Fridays and Sundays, when the flights fare are skyrocketing.

  1. Booking

Passengers are likely to pay below the average fare if they book their tickets few months before their flight. These deals are very cheap and pocket-friendly. With day getting closer to your departure date, the fares start hiking. Following this early booking strategy, you can snag yourself the cheapest fare. This trend has been observed by many researchers. Let suppose you’re planning to explore Mumbai, when you already have a place in your mind, why not book in advance? Book your Delhi to Mumbai Flight, right away.

  1. Book the first flight

Why not fly out early? Yes, this can cut your cost to a great extent. Like the rest of trends, even this is observed by researchers that usually the first flight of the day is the cheapest flight. Also, the flights during lunchtime or at the dinner hour are seemed to be cheaper ones. For instance, book yourself the first Delhi to Mumbai Flights of the day.  Be smart enough and fetch yourself a smart deal.

  1. Do your homework well

Do not completely depend on Travel apps. Look out for deals on individual airline sites. You will not find much offers here but at least the prices will not be hiked. Likewise, you can compare by checking several airline websites. I’m sure one of these will be having a fair pricing, which definitely suits your pockets.

Why not fly smarter?