Restaurants have different types of services for costumers; customers who have no room in a restaurant are sometimes being forced to eat. But not only eating but restaurants also offer meeting space for those consumers who want to plan special events in the restaurant such as marriage or wedding, birthday parties, and graduations, unique business gatherings, or others that make restaurants more relevant in these days. Nevertheless, restaurants do generally not provide the same level of services, it will, of course, be restaurants that offer a high level of services to their enemy’s customers, and some restaurants provide poor services.

A good restaurant should provide costumers with a high level of services, price, and facilities, and there are very important features that can differentiate a good restaurant. The attributes stated below provide a good restaurant and attract consumers and will compel them to choose next time in the same restaurant.

Ambiance: The mood of the restaurant will either make or break the company at any successful restaurant. The customer wants to be curious about the dining experience, and that can include the place, sound, mood, character, and atmosphere. Decor, sound, accessibility, comfortable seating, and illumination can be the aspect that can influence the restaurant’s ambiance.

Service: The essential characteristic of a successful restaurant is good service. The restaurant’s customers not only bill for the food but also for the service experience. Inadequate facilities such as disrespectful, non-trained, non-existent, or unfriendly waiter workers handling costumers’ food can no longer deter the customer from entering the restaurant. Typically, the good high-level and flawless service such as cleanliness, politely staff can bring the restaurant a good reputation and make people feel happy to choose the restaurants each time.

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Experience: The restaurant operated by a completely unqualified owner and staff is so easy to distinguish from the restaurant run by a world-wide knowledgeable and experienced owner and staff, and that experience will easily influence certain facets of a company such as budgets, food advertisement campaigns, employees and all customers dining experience in the restaurant.

Cleanliness: The restaurant’s cleanliness is an essential element, so having the restaurant clean is necessary to avoid the possibility of customer sickness, enabling the client to return the experience, and a robust first image and impression. That is why the restaurant’s entire area should always be safe, as should the staff, their workplace, toilets, and any region not accessible to costumers.

Good food and beverage variety: The restaurant may have all the characteristics mentioned above, but the restaurant would find failing without good food and beverage selections. Serving food is the primary purpose of having a restaurant, which is why providing good food quality is the reason for having a successful restaurant and a significant number of visitors. Good food can include taste consistency, real authentic cooking in different types of food kinds, creativity in creating new tasty and enjoyable clean dishes, and beautiful appearance.

Price: Restaurant customers expect rates that represent the level of service, the type of food, and the building’s environment, like tables design, delivery, and interior design. The high prices will annoy the clients and deter them from continuing the tour. The stage to low prices will also cause the costumer suspicious about the quality of the food provided at the restaurant and the standard of the restaurant itself, which may give a negative impression. Fixing a good price that satisfies the needs of the costumers will result in a successful restaurant and an income.


 In a brief conclusion, the above points are the essential characteristic of a good restaurant and bar in Melbourne is that first, they should get kept clean to please costumers, the second is to provide a high level of service to attract clients, the last is to charge a reasonable price to prevent disappointment and encourage them to return.