Chernobyl is one of the most mysterious tourist destinations in Ukraine. The Ex-nuclear power plant that exploded in 1986, April has remained a great source of inspiration and fun for decades. Chernobyl sits 100 kilometers in the northern section of Kiev in Ukraine. Inside this part of Kiev is a 2600 km2 hazardous zone that’s off-limits to the public. Looking for a great place to have fun after a busy week? A day trip to Chernobyl with StalkerWay can do the magic.

Why Do People Tour Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is a tourist destination of purpose. Nobody goes here and comes out the same. The apocalyptic world wonders, the modern historical aspects, the frozen remnants, and disastrous elements of the Chernobyl makes it an education-centered fun destination for all. It’s a place where many go to learn about the dangers of nuclear power and explore the remnants of 30-year-old abandoned culture.

Is It A Safe Place to Tour?

People have been touring Chernobyl for more than 2 decades now. But that hasn’t answered the question of whether it’s a safe place to tour or not.  The exclusion zone is completely out of bound for humans and nobody should live in there for the next 20,000 years. Radioactivity is considered safe only when used in limited doses like the ones used in long-haul flight or x-rays. Touring this place for a day doesn’t expose you to extreme levels of radiation.

It’s good to know that more than 400 people live in this area and thousands of others work within the power plant. These people spend less time in extremely hazardous areas so they aren’t exposed to radiation risk.

Can I Tour Chernobyl Alone?

Yes, you can but your access to certain parts will be limited. Chernobyl isn’t completely unsafe. However, there are some parts in the exclusion zone that are extremely dangerous. Only those with a licensed tour guide will be allowed to go past the exclusion zone.

Why Book a Day trip to Chernobyl with StalkerWay?

StalkerWay is a renowned Ukrainian company that has specialized in Chernobyl tourist for 9 good years. Widely known and reputed all over Ukraine, StalkerWay is one of best Chernobyl tour operators boasting of serving more than 2500 tourists each year.  When you book a day trip with StalkerWay, here are the benefits you will reap.

  • Well-planned and efficiently executed tour.
  • Quality access to Chernobyl’s most exciting destinations like the nuclear plant, the read forest, ghost town, and the kindergarten.
  • Access to strong Wi-Fi internet allowing you to watch videos and documentaries as well as share your exciting moments through social networks.
  • Get educated on everything that led to the tragedy and its aftermath.


Have you been nursing the idea of visiting Chernobyl but don’t know where to start? StalkerWay is here to make your dream a reality. Your day trip to Chernobyl will be prepared and executed in an efficient way. You will be given free meals, permits to tour all the safe Chernobyl areas, professional English speaking guide, and Geiger-Muller dosimeter. You can reserve for yourself a tour with StalkerWay by paying via credit card or PayPal.