There is a lot of argentinian restaurant hong kong and elements hong kong restaurants. Wherein people will enjoy searching for excellent cuts of meat. Not everyone knows that Argentina creates some of the world’s best beef. Argentinian beef has been well-known across the world. Once you visit Hong Kong and are craving Argentinian beef, you can check out the Restaurants below.

Visit these places if you’re looking for the best Argentinian restaurant 


  • You can ask the natives of Buenos Aires for a genuine Argentinian restaurant in Hong Kong. And the main suggestion they can give is the direction of Tango. This restaurant sits comfortably at the crossroads of trendy, authentic, and casual. Tango has a great sweet spot in cuisine and ambiance. They soaked everything in the spicy sauces. That worked their magic not only on the meats. Among the top favorites are spicy tomato, chimichurri, roasted tomatillo, and Criolla. Even their desserts are great to try on.


  • Gaucho made its name in Hong Kong last 2014. Fine dining meets Argentinian barbecue at the smooth take on an upmarket South American Steakhouse. After becoming very successful in the UK with almost 16 branches executing across the country. Gaucho is a restaurant with a new free-flow brunch menu you can order during weekends. They have unusual recipes, from humita empanadas with chives and creamed corn.

argentinian restaurant hong kong

La Pampa and Pampas

  • La Pampa, Quechuan has the credentials of being Hong Kong’s first Argentinian restaurant and steakhouse. Empanadas are consist of excellent pastry that’s crispy-chewy compared to other restaurants you can see in Hong Kong. They also have dulce de leche flan that is very sweet and can always comfort. It is also ideal for mama’s recipe fresh from the kitchen. You’ll never go wrong with their fully baked sweet potato with Manchego cheese and sour cream.

El Gaucho Macau

  • Once you are starving in the lamplit Old Taipa Villages, you can visit El Gaucho Macau. With ideally cooked steaks and adorned wine bottles. With an amazing Argentinian music legend. This restaurant also offers delicious salads, unforgettable white sangria, garlic shrimp, and pasta.

Buenos Aires Polo Club

  • They have inventive cocktails in the first room that you will encounter. They have pure black Angus that is the main choice for meat. That features grilling and butchery that is famous to suit the refined tastes of international people. An Argentinian specialty you might want to taste is the fully loaded baked sweet potato. The eggplant escabeche, Grilled bone marrow, and many more dishes.