Hostels are lodging facilities where a bed, not a room, is reserved for the night and the bathrooms are shared by all of the inhabitants. Most hostels are actually very nice because they are clean, feel spacious, and even have some of the amenities offered by regular hotels. They are also much cheaper than hotels but this doesn’t mean that they’re not worth renting. If you’re traveling to Manila in the Philippines, these hostels can be found in numerous places, including both far from and close to the airport, so you can easily find one that is perfect for your needs. If you’re curious why you should choose a hostel over a hotel, below are five things to consider.

  1. They Are Much Cheaper Than Hotels

Hotels can be very pricey but hostels tend to be inexpensive regardless of where they are located. If you’re traveling on a budget, this is an important feature. Indeed, you can easily find a hostel with prices that start at $10USD per night so they are affordable for everyone. Best of all, they can be found in places all over the world so you can find ones in Manila and in most other countries across the globe.

  1. Most of Them Have Great Kitchens

Most hostels have fully furnished kitchens that you can use if you’d like to save even more money on your trip. If you’re craving a home-cooked meal while you’re on vacation, this can be a great asset and the kitchens tend to have all of the appliances and accessories that you need to whip up a great-tasting meal.

  1. You Meet People From All Over the World

You can’t discount the fact that in a hostel, you are going to meet interesting people from all over the world; in fact, this is why so many people choose to stay in hostels in the first place. Regardless of the country you’re visiting, you’re guaranteed to meet people from numerous countries. If you’re a people person who enjoys sharing experiences with people who are not from your part of the world, a hostel is the perfect place to stay.

  1. Security Is Usually Offered

Contrary to what many people believe, hostels do provide security for your stay there. This is something that a good Manila hostel near airport or in the city almost always offers. It comes in the form of personal safes that you can use to protect your belongings and the fact that most hostels have a very strict policy of not letting anyone in who isn’t a guest there.

  1. Lots of Fun Activities Are Planned

Most hostels plan nightly activities for their guests to enjoy and others are located right next door to facilities such as nightclubs and bars, which means that you’ll never have to worry about being bored while you’re there if you stay in one of these hostels. Excursions and parties are just a few of the activities that most hostels plan for each night you stay there so they definitely keep you entertained.