There is nothing quite like the thrill that comes from those four magical words, “We’re going on vacation!” Day in and day out, you work hard and commit yourself to your business – now it’s time to treat yourself to a little pleasure.

And for those looking to take an intriguing holiday in Asia, Thailand is becoming an increasingly attractive option. Thailand has it all – bustling cities, incredible culture, beautiful beachfront properties, culinary perfection, and so much more. That’s especially true when you stay in Patong, one of the great centers of daytime beach life and nightlife excitement on the island of Phuket.

When booking a vacation to Bangkok, Phuket, or any other part of Thailand, you’ll want to make sure that you book your stay at a hotel that offers you more. To that end, here are five things that you’ll want to look for when booking your stay at the best hotel resorts in Patong.

  1. Spacious Rooms and Penthouse Suites

You certainly aren’t going to want to travel all the way to Patong to find your room to be little more than a dark, dank matchbox. That’s why the best hotels and resorts in Patong offer incredibly spacious rooms. These spaces are spotless from top to bottom, feature sumptuous soft bedding and linen, and are decked out in traditional Thai design features. What is more, these hotels also offer penthouse suites. These offer an even greater degree of luxury, with some featuring beautiful balconies.

  1. Kids’ Rooms

In addition to your own rooms, you’ll also want to spare a thought for your children’s rooms as well. The best hotels and resorts in the Patong part of Phuket understand that much of their tourism comes from families visiting the region, and they therefore do their best to oblige them. They offer kids rooms which are bright, welcoming, and filled with entertainment options for your children to enjoy during their stay.

  1. Tea and Tree Spa Days

Another great selling point for the best hotels and resorts in the Patong area? Spa days. If you’re looking to really unwind and relax during your vacation, you’ll want to take advantage of some of the most authentic soothing Thai spa days. These spa sessions combine a specially-decorated spa space lined with tall proud trees with special local tea recipes for an added dash of luxury.

  1. Incredible Seafood

Among the best things about visiting any country, city, or island is getting to sample the local cuisine. In Patong seafood is key. You’ll be able to enjoy quality fish and shellfish prepared according to special local recipes.

  1. Special Offers

The best hotels and resorts in the Patong area of the island of Phuket know how to attract guests and really put on a show. That’s why they offer special offers year-round. This helps keep life at the resorts fresh, ensuring that no matter how many times you visit, there’s always something new to enjoy.

Book an amazing stay at one of Patong’s best hotels.