While the pandemic is still very much a real thing and a great cause for concern, many of us are starting to see the light when it comes to being able to travel the world and explore all the countries we are hoping to see and experience. However, it is important to remember that the lifting of restrictions and the settling of lockdown does not mean we can abandon the rules and regulations the governments have put in place. When traveling, you still need to be careful and ensure you are practicing good hygiene and social distancing. You also need to wear a face mask and be wary of signs and symptoms so that you can self-isolate if you need to.

Are you planning on traveling later on in the year, whether it is exploring your home country or traveling to another? If so, this guide will tell you how to stay safe but also what you should look for when booking a hotel room.

Pack the COVID-19 Necessities

There are a few necessities that you should pack and bring along with you for the ride. These items have been prevalent in your life the last year, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. However, if you are unsure on what you need to pack, you should remember to grab:

  • A few face masks (bring spares just in case you misplace your usual mask)
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer (keep your hands clean, especially after you have been outside)
  • Tissues
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Thermometer (check your temperature if you feel unwell)

What are the Travel Restrictions?

If you are heading abroad, before you make any plans or bookings, check the rules and regulations that country has in place. It may be that you have to self-isolate for 14 days after landing, which could eat into your exploration time. Of course, if you are planning on experiencing slow travel and do not have a time limit, this may not impact you. Remember that restrictions can change very quickly. You need to check updates regularly and have plans in place for if there is a sudden surge or outbreak.

Check the Hotels

When booking rooms, it is best to speak with the hotel and ask how they are countering the spread of COVID-19. For instance, are they using sneeze guards to help create a safe resort stay for their customers? Having these protective measures in place shows how much the hotel cares for the wellbeing of their guests, which can help you feel safer and much more relaxed during your stay.

Do You Need to be Tested?

Certain countries require that you need to be tested before you enter their country. However, if you have been vaccinated, this may not be the case. Again, you need to read up on the country you are visiting and their individual rules. You could always bring your own COVID-19 test just in case.

The potential to travel is exciting, but remember that you still need to keep yourself and others safe. Spreading COVID-19 could see the world go into another lockdown, so remember that to counter this, you need to do all you can and follow the guidance of health experts.