For seven years in a row, Melbourne has consistently been named the liveliest city in the country. That’s the only justification you need to visit Melbourne and see what the excitement is all about. The area has a distinctive atmosphere that stands out from any other community in the world, and Melburnians are very proud of their home town. Travelers should prepare to discover a diverse blend of high-class cuisine, entertainment, sports activities and festivals, theater, live music, rooftop bars, laneways, markets, and street art highlighting their diversity, ingenuity, and beauty.

Melbourne is the bar center of Australia and the center of live music — often called the “European Enclave” in the region. Not only does the central business district support its after-work customers, but it also attracts a hip, fashionable crowd. In the various small lanes of the city, several of the smarter bars are hidden away. Southgate offers the arts district across the Yarra River with a strip of bars and views of the riverside. You might comfortably spend a week here with lots of entertainment, sports, art shows, and live music and not regret it. Heck, like so many other passengers, you might end up and never quit! It is difficult to explain to you the feel of the city. You have to go and see it in your way. There are explanations why we agree you can travel to Melbourne.

  • Public transit: Normally, you wouldn’t cross the globe to see another public transportation network in the towns, but that is a significant element in leading to a pleasant and stress-free trip. Melbourne is still Australia’s largest city that still operates trams in and around the city center. Although replacing them with a new, more streamlined system, you can again see the conventional trams in service. However, the area is walkable, and those making an effort are rewarded with the exploration of fresh laneways and arcades, cafes, and street artworks.
  • Phillip Island National Park: Phillip Island National Park is only 90 minutes drive from Melbourne and full of wildlife. Here is where you can experience what’s called the’ Penguin March ‘ first-hand. The penguins return home at sunset each evening to one of Australia’s largest penguin colonies on the beach at Phillip Island.
  • Great Ocean Road: The 12 Apostles are the ones that placed this area on the globe. The stunning calcareous cliffs and rocky beaches along 243 kilometers of the beaches of Victoria are the vision of an Instagrammer, but the Great Ocean route has so much much to give and should surely not get skipped. The road trip is among Australia’s best scenic drives you can take. The journey takes you through a variety of landscapes from coastal towns to fishing villages to rainforest and river lined roads.
  • Laneways and Architecture: Melbourne’s laneways are famous and have been of cultural importance to the community. Melbourne has been a rather new and fashionable city, but its history hasn’t been overlooked. The town honors its history by having its heritage building and theaters preserved, renovated, and shared. Walking through the city, you can see new high-rise hotels and apartment towers blended with magnificent historic sandstone arcades heritage-listed structures, decadent theaters, and traditional government buildings that are all in service and open to the public. Given the variety and rich past, anyone with a keen eye for architecture will enjoy walking around this area.
  • Sporting Events: Sports fans love Melbourne because of its world-class stadiums, which host Rugby League, Australian Rules, Cricket and Tennis. This can be due to the famous MCG, Etihad Stadium, AAMI Park, Melbourne Park, and Hisense Arena sporting complex in the city center. Football matches draw hundreds of thousands of faithful and ardent supporters from both styles during the year, coming from far and extensive to watch their favorite teams. The stadiums are generously available to the public. However, they don’t hold sports competitions, so athletic enthusiasts would love to have a sports tour wandering through the facilities they’ve seen on TV and learn about iconic athletic moments first hand.
  • Shopping: Melbourne is a place you can shop until you collapse, in reality, even the men are going to love shopping there. In the inner city shops-DFO South Wharf, Port Town Docklands, there are galore bargains to be had. Visitors can shop at some of the shopping malls in the inner city, but there’s nothing about purchasing an object or souvenir from a local designer or artist. The laneways and old arcades themselves are bits of artwork, so you are likely to discover a lost gem. Have fun visiting them on your own or take a shopping tour and shop at the markets, malls, and little-known boutiques to your heart’s content.
  • Gourmet Food Scene: Melbourne has one of the city’s most beautiful gastronomic food scenes you might think about. If you’re searching for coffee, cake, cookies, pastries, whiskey, champagne, or gourmet cooking, there’s plenty to match the palate and budget of everybody. Melbourne’s numerous laneways and arcades have often provided a home to chic pubs, cafes, patisseries, and candy shops meaning local staff and visitors never go hungry or thirsty. The city has so many award-winning restaurants that you can’t list them all here, so rest assured you’ll be pleased with the gourmet cuisine that’s on sale at any time of day or night.


 It is indeed a great experience to travel and try something new. Still, it is even greater if you prepare everything, especially going somewhere you are not familiar with and try to experience its beauty and bounty. With day tours in Melbourne Victoria, you will never go wrong traveling anywhere around the city!