The popularity of Tasmania, the island state in Australia’s far south, keeps on increasing. Visitors consider the island refreshing, although undeveloped. Visitors and guests feel like stepping back in time. Tasmania is all about the great outdoors. If you plan on going to Australia, you have to join a walk & tour company in Tasmania. Here are some of the reasons why.

Tasmanian devils

You can see its thriving population of Tasmanian devils up close at sanctuaries across the state. Their puppy-like appearance and lolloping gait can fool anyone. These marsupials screech, squabble, and chew right through wallaby bones.

Penguins in Bicheno

A parade of little penguins pops out every night at dusk from the waters of Bicheno Bay. They then waddle across their burrows. They hop between visitors’ legs and preen their inky black coats. You should not wear open-toed shoes because they jab their beaks at toes.

Port Arthur

Tasmania’s Port Arthur is one of Australia’s eleven penal colony sites. Only a narrow band of land, Eaglehawk Neck, connects it to the rest of the island, and it has dogs guarding it. Port Arthur is now an open-air museum. Visitors find the former prison wings and the convict-build chapel so amazing. You can also board a boat and ride to the lonely graveyards on Isle of the Dead. Some even stay for a ghost tour.

walk & tour company in Tasmania

Purest air and cleanest water

There is no air as fresh as that at Cape Grim, on Tasmania’s north-western tip. The atmosphere on this island is the least polluted in the world. The lack of urbanization and the fresh winds sweeping in from the Southern Ocean and Antarctica ensures this. Tasmania’s rainwater is so pure. It was even shipped to Australian athletes competing in the Olympics. This purity is also one of the reasons for the production of crisp, fresh wines, and beers.

Bruny Island

The annual Taste Festival in Hobart is famous for mainland Aussies. You can undertake gastronomic extravaganza on Bruny Island.

Franklin River

Let Tasmania’s wild west quicken your pulse on a white water rafting adventure. It is glacier-carved terrain, thick with Huon pine forests. You can ask experienced guides to navigate you down the frothing river. Do not forget to pitch a tent and watch everything under the clouds.

Cataract Gorge

Expect views that are stomach-plummeting at Cataract Gorge. It is around a fifteen-minute drive from the second-largest city, Launceston. You can tiptoe over the suspension bridge. You can also enjoy a bird’s-eye view of forested hillsides. There are picnic spots around the gorge’s First Basin. These are ideal for soaking up some rays and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere.

There are so many reasons to visit Tasmania. A lot will also offer to take care of your arrangements. You do not have to worry about your flight, transfer, and stopovers.