Almost all the people are interested in visiting new places with their friends and family members that explore to obtain an exciting experience. There are plenty of amazing places that are available with an elegant feature as well as facilities for people. The user can choose their favorite one as per their convenient. And now there are many people visiting the sandy toes which are located in the Bahamas. That can be reached quickly by having 15 minutes of the boat ride in Rose Island from Nassau. The place will grab the eyes of the entire user where people can enjoy partying in the beach paradise. This makes people obtain a unique experience by spending a lot of time in different events or activities. The beach bar is located for nearly 900m square feet beside the right of a north deck. This is an ideal place where people can enjoy soaking them under the sun with the signature of a natural drink. The neck in the north provides the comfortable outdoor chairs and couches and a big hammock garden. This makes people dissolve all the stress and trouble in the inspiring place and make you feel pleasant with more fun with your beloved one. Book Your Tour Here and enjoy this holidays with your family members.

Enjoy the outdoor activities

The sweet music of Island will obtain an amazing experience for people and make them spend the other days of their life in that place. The beach bar is highly stocked with cash and the user can use their cards like MasterCard and Visa. This advanced place will offer all the available product like food as well as drinks and that make them purchase easily as per their requirement. These facilities can be more fun for people on Sundays where it will make the trip even more special. The activity coordinator will organize many events or activities and that will be making the trip more memorable with a lot of fun. The events are like playing a volleyball game in elegant crystal water will be beautiful in the sun light. An excursion on one day will make you have a scenic ride on the boat that is done on the private island.

The important factors in package

The activities are done with the snorkeling instruction which attracts all the kids and makes their trip to be the funniest one. Even, you can enjoy the parties by visiting the place on every Sundays. The most important things are people have to get the party pass to enjoy the events on this weekend. Book Your Tour Here and visit the Bahamas that will make your time more precious and memorable. The excursion will include the following things that are listed below as follows.

  • Boat ride to harbor tour from sandy toes
  • Private beach
  • Welcome drink
  • Full buffet lunch
  • Complimentary lemonade for lunch
  • Music island
  • Bathroom and other facilities
  • Hammock garden
  • Activities and games in beach

Make your family have a lot of fun and enjoy more with the best trip in the beautiful island of crystal water.