After you’ve decided on a course and an institution, the next step is to consider your housing alternatives. For some students, staying at home is a straightforward decision. There’s little incentive to fend for yourself and leave the security of your childhood home when you can get from bed to the lecture hall in less than an hour.

Keep in mind that most universities will provide you with lodging assistance. They will provide you with information on a variety of housing options and their associated fees, as well as access to student housing databases and assistance in preparing for your relocation.

Colleges and Residential Halls

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These buildings are usually associated with or owned by a university and are located on or near campus. Although some universities may give apartment-style rooms with private bathrooms and kitchenettes, most students rent a single bedroom and share utilities such as restrooms and kitchens. All utilities are included in the costs, and an internet connection is normally offered in each room, however, it is not always included. Colleges typically provide a variety of student amenities such as daily meals in a formal dining room and academic tuition, whereas dormitories may provide students with more independence by allowing them to prepare their own meals in communal kitchens.

College Apartments 

Unlike university colleges or halls of residence, college apartment like flinders university accommodation service provides students with a more independent way of life. Apartments are usually self-contained, including a kitchen, bathroom, and small living space. Utilities may or may not be included in the rental price, and you may be charged extra for internet and phone services. Some apartments may be owned by institutions, while others may be privately owned.


This entails renting a room in a private residence and sharing it with the current residents (usually a family). In most cases, you will have your own room and share the majority of the facilities. It’s possible that meals will be served. The price of a homestay varies a lot. For further information about price and what to expect, contact your institution.

The cost of hostel lodging is determined by the location as well as the facilities offered. In addition, private or twin-share rooms will cost more than dorm-style accommodations. Contact hostels in the locations you’re interested in, but also speak with your institution’s accommodation service, as they’ll be able to point you in the correct way.