Packing for a journey is one of the most crucial aspects in the process of travel-planning, even more so if you are a first-time tourist. Irrespective of whether you are preparing for a short journey or a long tour, having the right packing checklist is highly critical. It is this part during travel planning that makes your trip a memorable and a hassle-free one. From the basics to the essential hacks, this ultimate packing checklist for a tourist is all you need to get yourself ready for your next holiday.

  1. Travel Bag

Choosing the right kind of comfortable, light-weight and durable travel back is the most essential component that needs to be taken care of. Carrying the wrong kind of bag can turn out to be your worst nightmare and will surely end up ruining your entire trip. Go for a waterproof, sturdy suitcase, preferably with rolling wheels so that you don’t need to worry about lifting it throughout the journey. Make sure you buy a suitcase which is of the right size and shape and sufficient to fit all your belongings.

  1. Clothes

The kind of clothes that you should be packing depend upon the destination that you are heading to. If you are going for a beach holiday, swimsuits and shorts are a must; if you are planning to travel to a cold place, do not forget to carry lots of woolen wear, jackets, scarves and caps. Whatever you choose to carry must be comfortable, light and robust. Make sure that you carry a light, all-season jacket wherever you go. Take the help of this vacation planner to further assist you in your planning process!

  1. Toiletries

From basics like toothbrush and paste to deodorants, cosmetics, hairbrush, and sunscreen, packing the right toiletries is essential. Do not forget to carry lots of tissues, face wipes and personal hygiene products along with you.

  1. Electronics

Electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops are necessary while going on any holiday. Equally important are cameras and other leisure devices like music players and i-Pads. Do not forget to carry chargers of all the devices, memory cards and headphones! Depending upon the country that you are travelling to, do carry adapters. Also, carrying portable chargers and power-banks is a good idea.

  1. Carry-on Items

Carry-on items include things that you can carry in your duffel bag during the flight. These include things to make your travel comfortable like travel blanket, books, in-flight medications and valuables.

  1. Documents

This is probably the most vital element in the packing checklist. Travel documents like passport, identity card, travel insurance, tickets, reservation print-outs, itineraries, pre-printed boarding pass, cash and credit cards need to be packed and organized first and foremost. Also, it is advisable to keep a copy of emergency contacts and important addresses with you while traveling.

  1. Medical Supplies

Do not forget to take any prescription medications and region-specific medications along with you. In addition, always keep a first-aid box and a box of general medication like flu and indigestion pills with you. If you are allergic to anything, do pack your anti-allergens without fail.

  1. Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous items include generic things like umbrellas, caps, sunglasses, extra pairs of socks, some emergency snack-supplies, and water bottles. These may also include maps, itineraries and guidebooks.

All set? Tick off these items on your checklist and you are all ready to fly!