Getting the hotel right can make or break your vacation, but there are many hotels for you to choose from. Checking out can be tricky and sometimes time-consuming. Do you like to get the right and avoid getting lousy hotel bookings? These are the things you can add to your checklist when you are searching for a hotel.


The hotel needs to be where you like to be, and it will be obvious, but it requires you to know what you want. The best hotel will only be right for you when it is in the right place, but it will depend on you. When you plan an island getaway, do you like to be on an oceanfront where you can step out on the sand from your hotel room? In a city, you must be close to transit, where you can hop on the subway rather than wasting money on getting a cab. Solo travelers, especially women, consider being in a safe place where they can come and go without any fear. However, there are times when a quiet street is a ticket in a louder city. It will depend on where you travel as you will have many options. Depending on the place, you can list what is necessary for you and start to check hotels at

Drinks and food

Reserving a hotel room with a bar will be the best idea. But it will not be good when you are tired after a long journey and find yourself sleeping above the noise. There is no point in getting a hotel when you know you prefer to eat out in the local area. You must be honest about the food and drink outlets you like to use and get a hotel that matches your lifestyle. One thing you must consider is the complimentary breakfast. Hotels that add breakfast to your room without extra charge are worth it. Getting a quick bite and coffee or tea before you head out in the morning can save you more time.

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Reviews are the best when it comes to cleanliness. When on a tight budget, consider choosing accommodation with access to a shared bathroom. You can look at the guests on what they have to say, and you can think about your budget to secure you dont have to shower in someone else’s dirt.


The hotel’s star rating is a valuable start considering the comfort level and amenities a place offers. But the ratings will depend from country to country, and it can hide quality variations. Providing the reception desk, minibar, and pool will impact the classification but will tell you less about how nice the hotel is. Sometimes the little things will make a difference, like a plug socket by the bedside where you can charge your phone overnight.

You dont have to hesitate to call the hotel for any clarification while booking. The room near the elevator, quiet room, and early check-ins can be requested and clarified before you make a booking. Planning a holiday is not easy; when you reach your hotel, you will be happy to see the results.