Stand-up dinner parties are now becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, this is not those parties where you get to watch stand-up comedians. This is the kind of party where you and your guests will be standing while enjoying their glass of wine or bottle of beer as they socialize with the other guests. If this is what you want for your next business party, then you need to check out the Meatworksco restaurant in Melbourne.

Meatworksco is a very popular restaurant in Melbourne where you can host your parties. It has a large open space that is perfect for your product launches of brands, corporate functions, and other parties that your company might host soon. It can be a sit-down lunch, buffet style, or a sand-up buffet dinner. No matter what you need, they can provide.

But before you go ahead and call to book a venue, here are some tips that are worth reading to make sure that your stand-up dinner party will be a successful one:

Stand-up Parties Are Casual

The moment your guests arrive, make sure that you set the casual feel of the party. For sure, some of your guests might not have experienced this type of party. You have to transition the atmosphere right at the beginning so that your guests will not expect it to be done in a traditional way. You can do this by using music to set the mood. Then, instruct your staff to offer your guests appetizers and drinks.

Space Should Be Large Enough

Stand-up dinner parties require you to provide your guests with a space huge enough for everyone to move around. This is what you can find if you book at the Meatworksco restaurant. Remember that there will be no tables and chairs. So most likely, your guests would like to move and mingle with other people at the party. Never cram your guests in tiny party venues where they would constantly bump into each other or be uncomfortably close with other people.

Arrange Food, Drinks, And Utensils In Different Areas

You don’t want to create chaos at a certain corner of the party venue just because you placed everything in one spot. It is important that you scatter the places where you put utensils, food, and drinks. Make sure that they are also accessible to your guests. If you are hosting a stand-up party, make sure that you have everything that they need in a self-serve style.

Make Sure The Keep The Party Short

Now one of the most common questions asked when it comes to stand-up dinner parties, how long does it usually last? Of course, you cannot let your guests stand all night. So how short should it be? If you want your guests to stay, you will have to settle with them standing as a way to warm them up – two hours is the maximum limit. In fact, this is still too long for others. If you want the party to be longer than that, then you have to make sure that you end the night by sitting your guests comfortably.

guests comfortably

A stand-up party might seem like a style that only Millenials do, but this is not being practiced even for business events. So if you also want to host a stand-up dinner party, review the tips above to make it a successful one.