Perhaps the most magical place on Earth can be found in Florida, the Walt Disney World has the reputation of being the most magical place in the world. While many people travel here primarily for their kids, it is not just a destination for children. Disney world is an enormous empire, having twice the size of Manhattan in New York. It is filled with parks, hotels, , and restaurants, so no matter the age everyone has a chance to enjoy this magical place and find fun things to do.

More often than not, going on a trip to Disney World involves taking some kids. With so many options, the trick is to make the most out of your trip by maximizing activities that are fitted for both adults and children alike. Here is the list that should put a fun trip for the entire family.


What started as a plain joke in the late ’70s and 80 now quickly becomes a park tradition. This used to be an inside joke among Imagineers when they were designing Epcot but it has now become a famous activity that audiences from all ages can enjoy. Some can be seen in plain sight, others in the shadow and often scattered in the park. You can be competitive with your family members by locating them all. However, no one knows how many there are since they close down. You can always download an app or to it, the old fashioned way A Disney Packing List With Tips To Beat The Mouse.



If your family is open to having a night tour in the zoo then Kilimanjaro Safaris is a must try. The park lights up every night, so this theme park can be explored after sundown, a perfect after-dinner activity. You will go through an 18-minute guided tour through the 110-acre Harambe Wildlife Reserve while riding in an open-air safari vehicle. Get your camera ready and expect to see elephants, hippos, lions, hyenas, and zebras. At night, you get to see some nocturnal habits of various animals in different landscapes. This is the closest African wildlife at night that most visitors will get to experience.


Staying at a Disney Resort might be an option for you and your family, this island comfort is a fun option for the entire family. It features over-the-0water bungalows on the Seven Seas Lagoon, similar to what you could find in the South Pacific Island of Bora-Bora.

They come with a great view of the Magic Kingdom, perfect for watching fireworks, there is also supervised childcare at Lilo’s Playhouse, giving the adults the time they need t to enjoy the evening themselves.

The top three on the list is not exclusive, the fun in Disney World largely depends on the kind of trip you’re having so feel free to explore other options in Disney World. Make sure to pack well to improve your overall experience by checking these.