Baltimore City Tours are best when taken with a baltimore limo service. Baltimore a city that is bustling with civic and traditional aspects of an American history. It is diverse and the biggest city of Maryland. It is an economical hub and popular for its lovely harbor, musuems, unique neighbourhood and is proud to be a unique historical location of America.

City tours are no longer trips viewed through a bus window, but to be enjoyed, cherished and to be done in comfort and luxury at an affordable price.

This is best done with baltimore limo service which offers:

Baltimore City Black Heritage Tours– One can get acquainted with thinkers, activists, artists of African-American background who used to live within Baltimore.

Baltimore City Ghost Tours– Go right through the spookiest locations of Baltimore which are lead by guides in costumes. The locations inlclude Mount Vernon and Fell’s Point. One can also get into a spirited Haunted Pub walk which halts at a number of taverns of Fell’s Point. Then there is Ghost talk too.

baltimore limo service

Baltimore City National Heritage regional Trails and Tours– In this tour one can visit landmarks and neighbourhoods of Baltimore City. Know about this Charmed city and stories regarding its heritage. Triumps, Civil War, struggles etc., can be learned within this tour.

Baltimore City Trolley Tour– This tour covers past, current and future of the City and halts at Edgar Allan Poe’s grave; Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. There’s another tour that takes one to cultural spots, public artwork, shopping districts of the city. Both can be toured in a trolley from a specified location.

Baltimore City Wicked History Tours-This tour takes one into the history and crafting of beer of Baltimore. The whole family can go for it. One can dig into the scandalous Baltimore history.

Baltimore city’s Literary Mount Vernon strolling Tour– Baltimore city’s literary events and historical literary tour aids one to trace the footsteps into literary luminaries of the city. One can see mansions, elegant brownstones as well as majestic cultural institutions in the city. The works of some great writers and authors and poets such as Emily Post, Edgar Allan Poe, Upton Sinclair, Gertrude Stein, Tom Clancy and so on can be seen.

Seg way in the Baltimore City

One can tour the city with segway tour that takes around 90 minutes. One can take a look through Harbor East, Federal Hilland, Fell’s Point waterfront, the Inner Harbor and the landmarks along the route. Each spot can be taken a personal look and these are perfect photo-friendly locations and distinct location for exploring culture and history of Baltimore.

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