In the entire restaurant, mostly professional chef will cook for the customers. In order to offer the best quality of the food chef will definitely put their full effort to make the food delicious. Ingredients which are using for the food should be in high quality to get the result in good way. Without using the proper ingredient and the quality product we cannot able to expect the most delicious food even though the world top chef cooks the food. Only the chef can able to feel the expectation of the food from the people and cook according to them. Drawing of menu is more important one which should be done and prepared with the combination of chef specialty and the people wish.  The attractive decoration of plate before servicing is more important for any chef that will give first and best feeling among the food lover.  Chef Kanida Chey is one of the popular and professional chefs in the world who can be expert in all Chinese verity of food.

Most parents will try to avoid the foods as much as possible to kids. Dissimilar foods are loved by everyone and they do skip the food for foods.  Though fat is also an essential component for our body, if it is exceptionally deposited in certain parts then that could be a difficult for your child. They will get the fatter seem because of the superfluous fat deposits that are created due to the unhealthy foods items. Choose the food items which have high protein content as well as the fiber content.

It is important to cook more hygienic so that it would not give hurdle to anyone.  That will help in the growth of your child so that it will be equivalent to you both in the case that child get his or her foods and you will be satisfied with the healthy content of the foods. Try to have foods list which consist at least few fruits and nuts that could attract your child. Do not restrict the list with only in the point of view of having healthy food you can also concentrate on the taste of your child. Select the foods which would be tastier as well as healthy so that your child would also love your selection. If you are home you can prepare the foods by your own and if you are going picnic it will be boring to have the same foods in the picnic spot too.  You can find out the best page for the chef Kanida in many social media pages. Twitter page is very good in order to follow all the new feeds and tweet about the restaurants and the menu list. The chef is very much interested in getting the better ideas about the new dishes and he want the genuine comments about the food style of him. So if you are interested in knowing any cooking tips from him you just follow him on twitter and comment your feedback about his cook style.