An employer nomination scheme subclass 186 Visa allows you to live and work in Australia. It is a permanent resident work visa and is highly coveted by an immigrant. However only a limited group of foreign national skilled workers can be eligible for this visa. A government approved Australian employer must nominate the applicant and he had to complete and pass a skills test. There is not one but three streams to get this visa and the applicants must meet the requirements of the stream to be eligible for the the same.

What are the perks of this visa?

    1. The Employer Nomination Scheme visa not only gives you the benefit of permanent residency in Australia but also gives it for your family.
    2. You can work in Australia and stay there indefinitely till you want to leave. Wanting to leave will be rare because of Australia is one of the most beautiful countries out there and living there would be more like a dream come true, unless you start feeling homesick.
  1. You get to study in Australia. You can take up any course you want, be it for bachelor’s or you can even take up MBA post retirement.
  2. You get an opportunity to study in the best schools and colleges of Australia and get to complete your studies in the best possible environment.
  3. You will get an opportunity to apply for and become an Australian citizen.
  4. You can enrol yourself in the healthcare programme- Medicare, which is state-run by Australia.
  5. You will get an opportunity to sponsor you own relatives to reside permanently in Australia.
  6. Not just that, you can live your life and travel out of Australia whenever you want to.

What is the eligibility criteria for an Employer Nomination Scheme Visa?

First you need to see under which stream you want to apply. Will it be the temporary residence transition stream, the agreement stream or the direct entry stream visa for australia. Depending on which stream you choose and apply under, your eligibility criteria will be different.

However listed below are the general requirements that will be needed:

  1. You have to be nominated by a government approved and authorised Australian employer.
  2. You have to be less than 50 years of age. There are special laws that make you exempt from this category, however it does not apply to the general scenario.
  3. You have to meet the English language, qualification and the skill requirement.

One of the most important streams for getting a visa in Australia is The Direct Entry Stream. This visa applies to those people who have only briefly worked (sometimes have never worked) in Australia. The flexibility of this stream and a wide number of choices it offers to people who don’t qualify for other streams like Temporary Residence Transition scheme makes it a popular choice for people applying for the employer nomination scheme subclass 186 visa and for the people who want to start working in Australia.