The golf game is comprises series of holes and each consists of the teeing ground, rough, fairway and other kinds of the hazards. As everyone knows golf is a club and ball sport in which player might use various clubs in order to hit balls into series of the holes on course in few stroke. The best golf course consists of either nine or eighteen holes. One club condos are the reliable and trusted place to get gulf shores golf courses and they are offering information about local greens such as user ratings, driving directions and scorecard information.

Everything to know about golf course

The layout of the course might follow specific traditional principles like number of the holes, its par values and number of hole in each par value of course. The best service provider can offer excellent courses which might have four tee boxes such as

  • Red- Closest to hole and placed to minimize influence of the major hazards like water and it could be used by novice players of any gender or age
  • White- It could be used by low handicap teenage boys and low to average handicap men
  • Black or blue- The farthest tee from hole and it is used during tournaments or zero handicap male players
  • Gold- Typically used by low handicap ladies, teenage boys and senior or high handicap men

Short course or executive course is course with the total par less than that of the typical 18 hole course. Two main types of the courses are available like 9 hole course and pitch and putt course. This kind of the course is offering faster pace of the play rather than standard course. There are three categories of the management and ownership of golf courses are available municipal, private and commercial. Private course is managed and owned by golf club on behalf of members on non profit basis. Golf course might be sorted into multiple categories which include style of the landscape, what sort of access people have to source and amount of time takes to play course.

To know about types of golf course

Golf course architecture is art form and majority of the courses incorporate elements of natural setting into their designs. Links courses are originated in Scotland and it could be built on the narrow sections of sandy land between Farmland and coast. Executive course focuses on the holes that might be made within short time frame. Golfers are varied different kinds of the golf courses and casual golfers might prefer to stick with the stopping in at the municipal Parkland course. Private golf courses boast additional benefits for golf members such as social events, clubhouse and dining rooms.