This is where you get to know about Canada LMIA based visa. The kind of visa will help you with the option to reside and work in various parts of Canada. The visa can even be converted to permanent residency in certain situations. In order to get hold of LMIA based Canadian visa, you should try to possess the Labor market Impact Assessment approved job straight from the Canadian employer. For this, you need to meet the perfect criteria so that you are able to apply for the LMIA visa staying in Canada. In fact, this is the right visa to give you the liberty to work with independence within the Canadian territory.

Knowing about LMIA

First, it is important knowing what is LMIA. The Canadian employer has the necessity of obtaining the positive LMIA for the reason to hire the employees from the destination of other countries. For this one has to follow the Canada LMIA process. The Labor Market Impact Assessment is a sort of document and it is being issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada. In short, this is known as ESDC. However, this is to ensure that no Canadian employee or worker should be overlooked in the process of hiring the skilled workers from other parts of the world.

Conversion of LMIA to PR

The LMIA is being introduced for protecting the interest of the employees and the labors residing in Canada. There is the process of converting the LMIA based visa into the kind of Permanent Residency. You need to pay sufficient money for procuring the LMIA visa. Later on, you can convert this to the permanent residency under certain conditions and circumstances. There is the Canadian Express Class better known as CEC and this is the option to help you in case of the conversion from LMIA to Permanent Residency.

The Details of CEC

It is time that you gather relevant details on Canada LMIA based visa. It is a part of the federal economic immigration agenda of the IRCC better known as Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The CEC is particularly designed for most of the individuals who have experience working in Canada. Here you can enjoy the prime requirements of CEC. One should also know how to move from Canada without having the LMIA based employment offering. It is not easy to get in hand the kind of LMKIA visa. For this, you have to procure the documents from ESDC. There is even the alternate immigration program or the visa category to allow you to reach Canada without having the LMIA based job offer.

Applying for Canadian Permanent Residency

One can easily apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency or PR by means of the federal express entry system. In order to apply for the Canadian PR visa through the Express Entry System, you can get the required assistance from the certified migration expert at the office of Visa Avenue Immigration. For the reason, you can call up the Visa Avenue Expert at the toll-free number. This will make fast the Canada LMIA process. This is the perfect visa type to help you work with better efficiency in the Canadian region.