Dubai is well-known for its desert camps, sand dunes, camel riders, real Arabian food, sandboarding, quad biking and much more.  It means that there are lots of exciting things to enjoy in the deserts of Dubai. Exploring the desert is the most adventurous and exciting trip that everyone wants to experience at least once in their lifestyle. There are lots of ways available to see the real beauty of the desert, but desert safari Dubai will bring you thrilling and electrifying entertainment. It is a highly preferred safari tour taken by tons of tourists who are visiting Dubai every year.  The specialized tour package is boasting of many exciting activities. They are designed to let travelers traverse and also have fun in the powdered and golden sand of desert. Dubai is naturally blessed with extensive endless deserts which are filled with several sand dunes offering tourists and local an excellent past time. Coupled with many modern amenities, dinner, adventure, and entertainment activities, desert safaris have become a highly sought after and iconic entertainment activity in this travelling destination.

Important factors to consider

There are lots of desert safari Dubai deals available for travellers. It makes the selection of right package becomes somewhat challenging. If you want to make a smart decision, you can consider the following factors.  They not only narrow down the searches but also make your pick smarter.

  • Level of adventure

Not every desert safari package comes with adrenaline-pumping activities, so you can consider this aspect before selecting anyone. The traditional safari package will let travellers relax their mind in the desert camps. Also, you can try the ancient Arabic dresses and get the hand-painted with the henna tattoo. There is also an option to taste the delicious dinner at your desert safari.

  • Safari time

It is significant to know the desert safaris take place at various times of a day.  When it comes to morning desert safari Dubai, they are boasting of adventure sports and some activities like sandboarding, quad biking, and dune bashing. All of them are combined to give the real thrill of the desert. On the other hand, the evening safari packages provide entertainment shows, buffet dinners, henna painting and sleep under the bright stars.

  • Cost

The safari tour is successful only when you enjoy the entire trip without breaking your budget. If you want to make the trip to this desert memorable, you can check the desert safari Dubai price before choosing any tour package.

Popularity of camel safari

It is the oldest and most exhilarating adventure. Camel is not only slow-paced, but also peaceful visitors. The main highlight of this package is that it brings you enough time to feel the desert winds hit your skin. Apart from that, the camels have the capability to reach the locations where vehicles cannot reach. Also, you can explore many other activities while taking the camel back to a camel. These are the specialized features and main attractions of safari tours that make them a must-do and excellent activity that travellers must explore.