The connection between a mother and her daughter is crucial since it sets the tone for the rest of the daughter’s life. Spending time together as mother and daughter via shared pursuits is a rewarding experience. However, when you factor in school, employment, and doing what it takes to keep the family afloat, it can be challenging to put mother-daughter activities at the forefront of your priorities.

Spending time together as mother and daughter may be as simple or complex as you’d want. It can be playing dress up so she can have an opportunity to wear her favourite baby girl clothes, a bookstore date, baking or cooking together or anything else you can think of. Here are some activities for the mom and daughter that are certain to be memorable and help you stay close.

Go Shopping Together

Take your daughter shopping and help her purchase something she has had her eye on for a while but can’t afford. As she shops, keep an eye on the total to make sure you don’t go over budget. This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your daughter while teaching her the importance of living within her means and taking responsibility for her financial situation.

Spa Night

Take your daughter shopping and help her purchase something

Turn your day or night at home into a relaxing spa experience. Show each other some love by giving one another manicures and pedicures. Pamper one another with facials and other delightful activities. These are the kinds of fun activities you and your daughter will enjoy doing together all the time.

Cook or Bake Together

Get in the kitchen and try some interesting recipes you will find on the internet. Put your skills to the test by re-creating a recipe, and then evaluate how well you and your daughter did. You can even come up with your own recipe if you want to!

Ice Cream Date

Spend quality time together outside the house by taking a walk and sharing ice cream while catching up on each other’s lives. Get the largest, most appetising ice cream cone possible, then dig in together.


Make a small garden that just the two of you can enjoy taking care of. Visit a nursery and pick out a plant you’d want to grow. Together, you can cultivate the little garden by sowing seeds and tending to them. Take pleasure in seeing your plants flourish, whether you’ve planted a large food garden or a few herbs in a pot.

Play Dress-Up

When it comes to playing dress-up, no girl is too old or too young. Allow your tiny daughter to enjoy playing dress-up in her baby girl clothes as you get out the sequin gowns and prom dresses you had stashed away. Put on some makeup and have a little fun by holding a fashion show in your bedroom or walk-in closet.


The list of mother-daughter activities you can have is endless. Use your free time to develop an indelible bond with your mom or daughter via these activities. These regular opportunities for closeness will serve to strengthen your connection with your child even as they enter the awkward adolescent years and beyond.