The services of British Airways have allowed more and more travellers to fly conveniently. With that, tourists come again and again to explore new and exciting attractions of London.

With fine dining and unique activities, the metropolis amazes tourists from all over the world. However, there are a very few odd attractions that aren’t on the standard travel itinerary. Want to know more about these places? Then you are reading the right post:

1. The nose of stone

In the Admiralty Arch, you can find a unique nose made of stone. There have been various stories about this nose for a long time. However, in 1997, the real story came out about a protestor named Rick Buckley. He used his art to protest against the television cameras of the expansive anti-crime of London.

2. The skeleton of Jeremy Bentham

On visiting the building of the London University, you will see that its South Cloisters contain a cabinet. In that cabinet, you can find a skeleton in complete clothing. This skeleton is the famous reformer and philosopher named Jeremy Bentham. The cabinet was created to carry the whole body of the philosopher in the mummified form. But eventually, the body started decaying. Now, the actual skull and skeleton have been covered with wax and clothing to give the appearance of the person.

3. The Eisenhower Centre

It is a shelter constructed during the World War II for the safety of more than 8,000 people. The shelter contains bunkers, kitchens, medical facilities, and bathrooms. The whole area of the Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street Tube, and other locations have the entrances. The name of the shelter has been given in the honour of the president.

4. The horse block of the Duke of Wellington

If you reach the eastern side of the place called St. James’s Waterloo, you can find this horse block. This block was introduced by the Duke of Wellington. The idea of this block was to help people who found it difficult to mount on their rides. Today, this block is considered one of the most beautiful artworks from the 19th century.

5. Historical bells of sepulchre

The large bells can be found in the church. These bells have been historically known to announce and portend doom. The bells were used to announce the ceremony of execution conducted in the nearby jail called Newgate Prison. Hence, it is named as the execution bell. Today, the bell is kept safe in a secured glass case in the church.

6. The memorial of Charles Macklin

Known as one of the most popular actors in the 18th century, Charles Macklin has made his own memorial. He went into an argument with a fellow actor and killed him. Charles was accused of stabbing the fellow actor in the eye. He was found guilty, but still avoided prison. It was his idea to immortalize his shameful act through a memorial that is in the St. Paul’s Church located in the Covent Garden.

London has many hidden attractions that require more than a single visit if you want to cover them all. And with the cheapest air fare options available, making a journey again and again is possible for a memorable travel experience in London.