Are you the one who gets this late night craving and you start looking for all the easy to make dishes on the internet? All of us have those amazing memories from our colleges or school hostels where every night before the exam used to be the day before a war, every hostel room used to be lit until late nights and then that late night hunger, running from one room to another to find some good food and ending up making Maggi, the saviour of every student. Those times were the best memories for every student. Like today, when technology has taken over everything from booking a ticket to even online exams getting late night food is no more a problem, but still Maggi has a special place in every Indian kitchen.

As the years are passing, we can see a lot of innovation in the cooking techniques, a vegetable like bottle gourd can now be cooked with hundreds of different styles similarly, Maggi is no more the same, it’s not just a simple noodle anymore, there are plenty of new dishes which can be made using a simple packet of Maggi. Even a lot of restaurants today serve numerous variants of Maggi like egg Maggi, chicken Maggi, and vegetable Maggi. Having a really nice serving of Maggi can give a sense of relief to the food lovers. As per the statistics, millions of packets of Maggi are sold every day and is among one of the most popular noodles in India. It is one of the favorite snacks..

Other than Maggi, there are some other dishes which are quite popular in every Indian household like samosa- a patty made from flour with the stuffing of potato deep fried in oil, bread pakoda- bread dipped in gram flour and deep fried in oil, vegetable sandwich, green peas patty all these are the tea time snacks which are usually served in every Indian household.

Noodles are considered to be originated from China and are an integral part of Chinese cuisine, the noodle is not just made from flour, there is a wide variety of noodles made from rice as well. Chinese cuisine involves a very less use of spices and oil, slowly in the past few years Chinese cuisine has gained more popularity in India, although in India the cuisine has been totally modified and hence commonly know as Indi-Chinese cuisine.

As India is the country, which has multiple cuisines being served across the different corners of the country, the innovation has been added to the regular Chinese cuisine and hence in the current scenario, if any of the cuisines are very popular in India apart from the Mughlai cuisine is the Chinese cuisine made with the common Indian spices. Some of the quite popular Chinese dishes served in majorly every restaurant in India are Vegetable Manchurians, Vegetable Noodles, Fried rice, Non-vegetarian Manchurians, Chicken lollipop and lot more different styles of noodles and soups. To all the food lovers Chinese cuisine is a must try.