Trains have been one of the easiest ways to commute to any part of any city in India for many years. Train journeys can be long, but they are equally fun and exciting. The Indian railways offer trains to any part of the country and allows a cheap and affordable journey to those who cannot afford plane tickets. If you haven’t experienced a train journey yet, I strongly suggest you to do so. Trains take you through lush green parts of the cities that you didn’t know existed. It makes you feel like you are on an adventure, waiting to explore the unknown. Here are a few tips to make your train expedition, a safe but fun experience.

  1. Travel light.

The first rule to always keep in mind while travelling in train would be to pack light. This holds good for any kind of journey as we always tend to over pack. Trains have less space to accommodate more than 2 bags per person and you might create a ruckus trying to fit it in different compartments. If you want your baggage to reach the destination along with you, then try to travel light. Ensure that you have your necessary items fit in one large backpack or suitcase that you could keep beside you or underneath your berth, according to your convenience.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes.

Along with packing lightly, also remember to wear light clothes. Train journeys are often long and tiring. Since the compartments are also small and have restricted space, uncomfortable clothes may cause a lot of sweat and distress. Jeans and any other thick material are a strict no-no! Wear cotton clothes in which you can sit and sleep comfortably.Wear T-shirts, loose flowing pants that will allow easy movement.

  1. Food.

Avoid packing a lot of food from home as it tends to get spoiled easily. If the duration of the journey is long, for example, 2 or 3 days, try to have online food ordered in train using various websites. You could also eat from the catering that the train provides after checking the quality of the food. Pack snack items to satisfy your hunger pangs. You could also eat from restaurants at major train stations and try the cuisines at different cities where the train stops for a long period.

  1. Pack something entertaining.

If you are travelling alone or with family, make sure you have something that will keep your entertained and distracted. Sometimes the journey can seem boring and redundant, especially at nights. Pack a few board games like Uno cards, or snake and ladder, etc. that can help you pass time. If you are a solo traveller, make sure you have lots of movies and songs saved in your phone or laptop. Do not forget to pack your earphones as soulful music helps you enjoy the scenic beauty that you will see outside your window. Try to book a window seat while travelling alone for an appealing experience.