Admit it, you have always been fascinated about United Kingdom and Ireland. They have so many wonderful places and the blokes there are all very nice and welcoming people that will openly accept you even if you’re a tourist. The place is truly magical and you can’t find any other place in the world that is so simple and so magical all at the same time. this is the reason why there are a lot of visitors from around the world that is willing to drop everything if given the chance to visit this country and experience living there even for a short period of time.

If you are simply dying to experience and feel modern and history all at once, you need to know the many information about this country first so that you know what to expect. Or you can simply hop on a plane and go there and be surprised by the culture and way of life of the British folks. If you want to step up your game, you can buy a map to help you keep track of the places that you have visited while you are there. Good thing that Luckies have the perfect map but it’s not just any ordinary map that you can buy at any bookstore, it’s called Scratch Map UK & Ireland.


Highlighting the major counties that you should visit

The Scratch Map UK & Ireland is the perfect map that you should use because it has so many details about the different counties that you are about to visit. It’s very fun because it’s made out of card covered in foil which you will then scratch out once you already have visited that county and it reveals a green color underneath with different geographical details about that specific place.

Learning new languages and eating good food

As mentioned above, this is no ordinary map. Aside from the fact that it gives you more information about the many counties in UK & Ireland, it also gives you an idea about the different languages that people speak there so at least you can search for the right words to say when you are asking for directions and such. It also gives you an idea about the delicious delicacies and good food that they can offer you which you will truly enjoy. Learning great thing is just one of the specialties of Scratch Map UK & Ireland.

A great decoration for your wall!

After you have done your travelling across United Kingdom and Ireland, you can set the finished piece and decorate you wall with it. It’s cool because you can have it framed while you’re not using it too. it is made out of card, laminate, and the colored foil that you scratch after you’re done with the place. It only costs £16.95 and you already get more than what you have paid for. Isn’t that amazing? You also get a lot of stories to tell and memories to cherish while looking at it.

The Scratch Map UK & Ireland is one thing that you just can’t leave out when you are visiting UK. It is very interactive and easy to use, while you bunch of stuff from it. Go get your own scratch map UK edition now.