If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada, read this guide which talks about the services provided by Nile Migration agency. We shall talk about Express Entry Program which helps you get easily to Canada. Under the Canada Express Entry Program, there are some set of procedures which you need to follow.

There are many consultancies for the same which provide you required guidance in the easiest possible ways. You can also get free consultation from immigration agencies to understand its procedures.

What is Canada express entry scheme?

This is one of the most popular program under which people migrate to Canada. This system was introduced in 2015 and many people have applied under this scheme since then. To get settled in Canada, this scheme is a great and many applicants have immigrated to Canada. Check out the following benefits of Canada immigration programs:

  • Your kids will be entitled to get free education
  • You will also get retirements and healthcare benefits
  • You will also be entitled to work or study in Canada
  • You can get relocated in less than 6 months
  • You can earn in dollars
  • You can also travel visa free through the Canadian passport
  • You can also sponsor your relatives to join you in Canada

A guide to apply under Canada Express Entry scheme

How to pick up the right Canadian immigration firm?

If you are looking forward to move to Canada then check out the following reasons:

  • The firm needs to be trustworthy and reliable
  • If the professionals are experienced then it’s well and good
  • Evaluation services are quite affordable therefore look for services which include counselling. Success fee is also affordable so you need to get registered for the same.
  • Agency also needs to be a one stop shop which provides you all the required solution
  • Make sure that technology used in such a firm is quite updated which requires less time for processing

Besides the above terms and conditions, you also need to check if the agents are registered. Accreditations should also be checked out and you can pick the firm as per the above requirements.

Procedure to apply under Express entry program

Follow the procedures below to apply under this program:

  • Create Express Entry profile which requires the information like skills, work experience, language ability, and education. The Express entry profile created needs to be free and secure and process is online.
  • Those candidates are invited that are highest-ranking ones, to apply for the permanent residency in Canada

Under both the steps, you can also apply for jobs through the portal. You also need to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for Canada Express entry visa.

In express entry program, you can get additional points for one sibling or to strengthen the additional programs. Create a job match account with job bank which is a promising option that helps you in applying for permanent residency for Canada. This helps you in finding the score that you desire under the Canadian immigration scheme.