Tourists who want to maximize their time in Gettysburg can benefit the most from getting a tour of the different Gettysburg attractions. The small town is surprisingly rich in history along with must see, do, and experience attractions that not everyone has the time to plan several self-tours in detail. For those who don’t want to miss anything and still want to fully experience that this historic town has to offer, here are some of the best tours you can book for a stress-free and worth it vacation in Gettysburg.

The Battlefield Tours

Every American knows that Gettysburg played a huge role during the Civil War. In fact, the battlefield where the war took place in is in Gettysburg and visitors can have a tour around the field. When you book an official tour, you get a licensed guide who is an expert at details and facts that surround the war. There are two ways to experience a Battlefield Tour: Private car or through a bus.

The tour takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes and both private and bus tours meet at the Visitor Center. You guide will provide you with all the information you will want to know about the battlefield and the Civil War.

The Gettysburg Food Tour

Who doesn’t want to spend their day moving from one restaurant to another sampling the different food local Gettysburg establishments have to offer? During the tour, you get to walk around the town that the Civil War ravaged and a tour guide will bring you to the town’s different hot spots and best restaurants. During the food tour, you can experience everything from homemade ice cream, delectable pastries from a locally famous baking company and café, and even eat at a local Irish Pub.

You’ll have your fill of history and delicious decadent food during this guided food tour. It is one of Gettysburg attractions that is worth every penny!

The Gettysburg Museum Tour

After you’ve had your fill of local Gettysburg cuisine, it’s time to get back on the historical track with a museum tour. There are so many museums in the town that highlight the Civil War and other historical facts and events that happened in Gettysburg. One museum that is worth visiting is the Gettysburg Museum of History. This museum stands out from all others because it doesn’t just focus on the Civil War, but also includes different periods in the past and present.

You can see unique and authentic artifacts and memorabilia from World War I up to the present pop culture. It is a great place to add to your museum tour in case it isn’t on the list yet. Plus, it’s free, so no need to make adjustments to your budget to add this museum as one of your stops.

There is a long list of Gettysburg attractions to see and experience with this town. To make the best of your trip, visit the local Visitor Center and get all the information about the different tours available. Learn, eat, and enjoy during your vacation in this small town in Pennsylvania.

If you are considering some tours around Gettysburg, make sure you drop by the Gettysburg Museum of History. It is considered one of the top Gettysburg attractions that will have adults and kids alike in awe.