A wedding is one of the most important events of one’s life. Making the best possible memories and celebrating them with your loved ones is one of the top priorities of a wedding. As bride and groom, you might have a vision for your wedding. You might have always dreamt of it a certain way; therefore, planning your wedding is a mammoth task. You need to decide on the theme of the wedding, choose a color palette accordingly, the dining, the menu, the dress, the guest list, and the venue. Finding a romantic wedding venue singapore might be the most straightforward task you might have.

As you choose a venue, you can slowly visualize your wedding and decide on the rest accordingly. There are several kinds of wedding venues to choose from. If you have a theme in mind, choose it right away. If not, choose one from the following choices.

The First Choice you have to make is whether you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding.

Indoor Wedding Venues

They are weatherproof and convenient. It can be versatile and more compatible with most of your design ideas.

  • Ballroom

If you are planning a dramatic wedding and want your first dance to be no less than a princess’s, then the ballrooms might be your foremost choice. If you want a grand wedding and have the budget for it, choose a ballroom.

  • Banquet hall

This is a smaller space, suitable for intimate weddings. You can create magical visuals in such small spaces. They are great for smaller weddings with fewer guests.

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  • Weddings in Places of Worship

You can choose to get married traditionally in churches or any other place of your religion and decorate it to your choice. Though you might not have so much space for creativity, it can still look authentic and beautiful.

Outdoor Wedding venues

If you want more open space, want natural light and air in your wedding, outdoor weddings are a great choice.

  • Private Properties

There are many options in this category. You can choose a cottage and its backyard or a farmhouse in the countryside for your wedding.  This makes your wedding exclusive and magical. While also keeping it simple and private.

  • Terrace

This is a much more convenient option, as it is closer to the city option and traveling is more accessible. Also, such open terrace halls provide indoor spaces as well. Therefore, it has the best options for both.


Choose a place that suits your dream wedding. Also, consider your budget, the convenience of the guests to reach the venue, and the seating capacity of the venue. Choose an indoor or outdoor venue based on the weather, as unprecedented weather changes might ruin your wedding.