Summer is coming! Do not miss the advantages of renting yachts in Croatia during the summer season of 2018. Croatia has become one of the most popular holiday resorts in recent years. Every year thousands of people yacht rental in Croatia and make a maritime holiday. We recommend you to try this different holiday alternative. A yacht holiday is a concept quite different from standard holidays. There are yachts rented in different classes and on the budget. You can complete your reservation once you have chosen your budget or the most suitable seat for your number.

 When you make a reservation for a Croatia yacht charter, you have made the first step to a great holiday. One of the most important points in yacht selection is your number of people. Your count is a convenient yacht, a more comfortable holiday. When choosing a suitable yacht for your personal count, you should pay attention to the number of cabins. Cabins are usually for 2 people. For example, you have a group of 12 people. A 6-cabin yacht will suit you.

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Croatia offers many tour operators for yacht rental and blue voyage. After determining the number of people and cabin, the queue comes to determine your budget. Do not worry about the budget. Because there is a rental yacht suitable for every budget. Croatia rental yachts are generally 4 classes. Economic yachts, luxury yachts, deluxe yachts and VIP yachts. The budgets of the yachts vary according to their classes. For an affordable yacht resort you can choose one from Economy class yachts. You can also choose VIP yachts for a higher level holiday.

In order to take advantage of Croatia yacht chartering, you can follow the companies’ early booking opportunities. Early booking in Croatia has discounts of up to 40% on rentals. We recommend you to book your yacht charter reservation in winter months. So you get a great deal of discounts. You can make a more luxurious holiday with a lower budget. We have reviewed companies that offer early booking opportunities for you. offers 50% discounts on early bookings. You can get detailed information about discounts by visiting the company site.

When you book a yacht from you can also earn discounts for airport transfers. With Guletbroker and  cooperation, you can make airport transfer reservation from anywhere in the world. In particular, approximately 40% discount is applied to the Benidorm taxi transfers service. offers airport transfers in 90 countries.

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