New York offers all kinds of foods, from street food to top notch restaurant food. There are several storeyed dinner spots, Harlem Bodegas,  and food carts to buzzy Brooklyn joints.

Below are some of the best New York Foods not to be missed when in the city with New York Car Service:

Bacon, egg and cheese- This is a real deal breakfast of New York.

Porterhouse steak– offers sizzling, hefty steak in a blend of melted butter and steak juices.

Braised pork shoulder- is a tasty local meat cut at its best braised in beer and apple with roasted mashed potatoes.

The Classic-Di Fara Pizza- This a storied mid wood joint offering their signature smoky slice topped with mushrooms, sausage, peppers, tomatoes and mozz, which is a classic.

Pork bun-The OG bun, which hasn’t been duplicated yet, is a simple steamed bao. It has cucumbers, roasted pork belly and scallions filled bun in right proportion which make it sweet as well as savory.

Lamb over rice @the Halal guys on 53rd street cart- Lamb that is spit roasted spread on basmati in a white sauce is above all the street meat.

Arepa de chocolo @Arepa Lady- A corn cake that is griddled and stuffed with gooey salted queso is a colombianspeciality, not to be missed on Roosevelt Avenue.

 Cronut @Dominique Ansel Bakery-This is where a croissant meets a donut. It’s a mash up pastry and an ingenious dessert that is delicious.

Lasagna alla Bolognese @Tra Di Noi- Arthur Avenue in Bronx offers best real deal pasta of a creamy meat smothered lasagna.

Kielbasa @Pyza- A traditional sweet and a meaty sausage along with a sauekraut .

Chicken and waffles @Red Rooster Harlem- A perfect seasoned fried chicken breast on a cornbread waffle with honey chili sauce.

Elotecallejeros @La Esquina-A subterranean style Mexican joint offers skewered, grilled charred corn on the cob topped with queso cotija, lime, house spicy mayoand chili powder.

Bagel & lox @Russ & Daughters-schmear, sesame bagel and smoked salmon cut thin blended together is the best on their 100 year old shop menu.

Black Label Burger@ Minetta Tavern- A burger with caramelized onions with funky juicy patty is on the fancier end of burgers and is a classic.

 Recession Special@ Gray’s Papaya-This is a double dog with soda special combo which is the best. Skip out on the water dogs and have this combo instead.

Murray’s Melt @ Murray’s Cheese-Here one can find a number of incredible melts of trickled out grilled cheese. Of them, blend of 5 awesome cheese types melted in between slices of bread is Murray’s Melt that is best of all in the menu.

Some other top New York foods to taste while touring in a New York Car service are:

  • Grilled octopus
  • Brisket
  • L&B Sicilian Pie
  • Pierogi
  • Maine lobster roll
  • Artichoke slice
  • Soft pretzel
  • Pappardelle allafiesolana
  • Fish tacos
  • Black and white cookie
  • Peking duck
  • Bee Sting
  • New York cheesecake
  • Tokyo shio ramen
  • Oysters
  • Everything bagel with cream cheese
  • Chocolate babka
  • Spicy cumin lamb hand-ripped noodles
  • Mutton chop

New York car service will take you these various food joints and spots at ease and comfort at a very affordable price.