Rich culture, tradition, landscape, and outstanding monuments make Tuscan famous. Ride on the luxury air-conditioned train from Santa Maria Novella train station, laid and relaxed knowing the tour is planned correctly. First, you stop at Siena taking a guided tour, or you can roam around independently. Then you next destination is the beautiful Chianti wine region. Have a walk down vineyard and see the cellar and olive grove. After tasting wine, has a splendid traditional Tuscan lunch consist of fresh bread, pasta, salad, and cold cuts, and of course, the famous wine. After lunch, goes to San Gimignano to have a stroll through the cobbled street and then to Pisa.

Chianti Wine Tour

The primeval vineyards in this beautiful part of Tuscan produce grapes used in Chianti, Chianti classico red wines. Usually, the tour starts with a small vineyard where you taste the wine produced from the yard. The region is beautiful with pine, Cyprus, olive, and vineyards. In this tour, you meet local farmers, producers, owners, and visit their farms and wineries. You have a chance to taste four different kinds of wine, two red, one white, and one rose. Chianti is the most famous dry red wine. Price varies from 10$ to 50$, varying in quality. Chianti wine is made from Sangiovese grapes, which are only produced in this region.


Sardinia Island is second in size after Sicily when you look for tours in Tuscany Italy. Way to greet each other in Sardinia is “A Kent annoys,” meaning “May you live to be a hundred.” It is bounded by deep blue waters and known for its beauty. This island is still not discovered by many tourists. The stony coastlines around Mediterranean waters are an interrupted beauty. It is a paradise a hidden gem in the Mediterranean. The sandy beaches are a major attraction, but there are many other places of interest. Neptune caves are the most popular cave in Sardinia. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to sea God Neptune, and this cave extends around 6 km. This cave is formed by freshwater, and it is accessible by ferry or through 600 steps. Gulf of Orosei situated in central-eastern Sardinia I a beautiful place with Bue Marino caves. The stunning view allures you to come back time and again. The beaches are some of the finest in the world, especially one in the Gulf of Orosei. The marine life over here is incredible, and crystal clear sapphire waters are an excellent spot for snorkeling.