Golden rules are special rules that must always be remembered and not forgotten. This is a very important and useful guide that will help you stay on track and feel safe during your adventures away from other people and the modern world.It is difficult to achieve greater success, no matter what task you perform, whatever your goal, remember the Golden Rules. To show you how these rules can help you, you just need to discover them.

Therefore, listed below 4 Golden Rules to stay safe when walking in the wild

Golden Rule No. 1, always plan your route in advance and leave details and an approximate time of return with someone you know at your camp or at the starting point. This is because if you do not return, a search will begin for you, and the rescue team will have a good idea of ​​where to look for it. Remember, wild areas are wild and uninhabited, accidents can occur, and without the help of others they can be much more serious or even fatal.

adhere to some basic rules

Golden Rule number 2, always drink some drinking water, even if you are not going to be away from the base camp for a long time. This is very important because dehydration can be much more serious than a lack of food. Remember that drinking water is the most important rule of survival.

Golden Rule No. 3, always wear appropriate warm and waterproof clothing if the weather changes or if you have to stay outside all night, you will not suffer from hypothermia. To understand why this is a rule, just think what it would be like if you were in cold weather, and it got cold and damp when it was getting dark, and it would reduce your strength and decrease your energy to go to safe a place.

Golden Rule No. 4, bring along a compass and a good map, and if you cannot read the map, make sure you go with a partner who can! This may include high-tech GPS devices (satellite positioning devices) these days, which, if you know how to use it, can significantly reduce the likelihood of losing it.This is very important, because in the wild, where there are wild animals, you can become a victim of a hunting beast. It’s advisable to the people camping to see the wild to adhere to some basic rules for them to stay safe.

In summary

Follow these golden rules to stay safe while hiking in the wilderness, and then go and enjoy and you can relax in the company of your friends while walking, amid incredible landscapes and wildlife. It is also a fact that, being well prepared, you should make your life easier, progress faster and more often succeed.